Communicating With Your Real Estate Agent

Make A Good Real Estate Site

If you are a real estate agent who feels your website can use a redesign, there are a few things you may want to include on the revamped one that will help you to see the best results possible. By learning a bit about webpage navigation and user behavior, you can put together a site that gives home buyers the information they need in a format they find user friendly. Read the information below so you can present potential clients with a place they can go to online to look for the right home for their family.

Have detailed search options

Rather than looking through a lot of homes that don't meet their needs, a person would much rather choose the search options that will yield homes meeting their criteria. A person will generally only spend so much time on the computer, so it's important that they have a chance of finding what they want within a few minutes of time.

Therefore, your page should allow them to enter the type of home they are looking for, such as a condo, a manufactured home, a multi-family property or a single family house. It should also allow them to search according to the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms and the price. This way, they won't waste their time on homes they will have no interest in.

Have high quality pictures

The pictures you provide your online users with can make or break whether they stick to your site, or move on to the next. They want to have access to a lot of pictures so they get a real sense of what the home is like. They also want to be able to click on those pictures and have them come up in a large format on the screen of their computer or mobile device.

Offer virtual tours

It may be well worth the effort to take video of each property so you can have it posted on the website. Anyone on the page can click on the video and see the house and the property as if they were there. This will give them the chance to see the different things the house offers without needing to go to the property. When a person decides which properties they want to see in person after already seeing it in video, there is an increased chance of it being the right one for them.

 Have a QR code on your website

Having a QR code on the website will allow someone to have full access to more information right from their mobile phone. This will give them the convenience most people are looking for.