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How You Can Start Preparing For Home Staging Several Months In Advance

Although the process of staging a home is something that takes place right before you intend on taking high-quality photographs in preparation of listing your home for sale, you can start preparing early on to reduce some of the stress associated with selling your home. Home staging generally involves the same methods because a homeowner or professional only has so much time to actually stage a home before they intend on having it listed. When you start this process several months in advance, you can greatly improve the final results of home staging.

Sell or Put Away Highly Stylized Decorations

It is not that hard to put away items for staging purposes, but you should not feel the need to handle everything at once. Alternatively, you can start selling or putting away decorations that are highly stylized, which only make potential buyers look at your home in a certain style, and not in their own style. By staying more neutral and removing some decorations, you can make it much more likely that potential homebuyers will be able to envision themselves living in the space and won't be turned off by the décor.

Eliminate Crowding with a Storage Unit

Real estate professionals do not want to completely gut your home of its furnishings, especially while you are living inside, but you can eliminate crowding on your own. If you have plenty of furniture to accommodate your large family or to simply maximize your options in a given room, you should consider renting a storage unit to cut down on the crowding and make the entire home look more open.

With less furniture in each room, potential buyers can get around the home more freely and you'll be able to create a more inviting atmosphere when your home is listed and ready for open houses.

Create an Attractive Landscape

Although you can get bushes, trees, or flowers that are already established for your landscaping, you can start from seeds and create an attractive landscape without having to buy mature plants for home staging purposes. This can likely save you money and can be a good option when you start preparing your home months in advance before listing.

While you may have intentions of hiring a home stager much closer to your move, you can get started with some of the work that needs to be done in advance. With the above ideas, you can make sure that your home is easier to list and able to attract potential buyers. Contact a company like Amy Willis & Associates LLC to learn more.