Communicating With Your Real Estate Agent

Helpful Hints For First-Time Homebuyers

Buying your first house can be intimidating, but following a few helpful pieces of advice can help to make the process a little bit easier and less stressful. Use this guide as you begin your first house-hunting adventure.

Bring An Objective Friend

Your home purchase is a big step, and you may need some help to determine which home is right for you. Bringing a friend or family member who can be objective will help you to identify any things about each home that might be an issue for you and your family. Having a friend with you can also help you to feel less intimidated by the home-buying process. Be sure to let your real estate agent know that you'll have a friend coming with you so he or she can be prepared to help you and your friend.

Avoid Large Purchases

You'll want to be careful with your money in the months leading up to your home purchase, so avoid making any large purchases or taking out any loans before you begin the home-buying process. You may want to meet with a financial consultant to discuss your finances, including how much you can afford to spend on a home and which other steps you should take to prepare to buy a home.

Spend Time In The Neighborhood

Learning more about the neighborhood each home is located in will help you to determine where to buy. Take time to tour the neighborhood, and get familiar with the locations for nearby parks, schools, and other local amenities. Be sure you fall in love with the neighborhood, not just the house. This will help you to determine if you will be happy living in the area.

Talk To Your Insurance Agent

Your insurance agent will be able to help you to determine about how much your homeowner's insurance payments will cost. Remember that you'll need to account for the cost of your insurance as well as your mortgage payments, so determining if you can afford the cost of insurance and the cost of your mortgage will help you to figure out what you can afford to purchase.

Read The Home Inspection

Your home inspection is more than just a way for you to negotiate the cost of the home. It can also help you to determine if the house will need too many repairs for you to afford. You may find that the cost of a roof replacement, plumbing repairs, or re-siding the home may be more than you can afford. The inspection will give you valuable information about the status of the home, and it may help you to make your final buying decision.

Your real estate agent is your partner in searching for your new home. Use this guide to help you begin your search, and ask your real estate agent for additional guidance so you can find the right home for your family.