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Tips For Selling Your Property When Your Home Is On An Overgrown Double Or Triple Lot

If you're getting ready to put your property up for sale, your mind may be in a whirl because of all the things you need to do to get it ready. You usually can't go wrong by making your home and land as clean and tidy as possible. While working on your home is important, if your lot is ugly, then home shoppers may not even stop to look at your home. Getting your lot tidy is important too and it could be a big job if you have a double or triple lot that has grown wild. Here are some suggestions for getting your land ready for sale.

Remove Dead Or Dying Trees 

It's a good idea to get rid of dangerous mature trees. Potential buyers know they'll have to do it as soon as they buy your land and they may not want to be burdened with tree removal, even if you allow for the cost. In addition to dying trees, get rid of other dead and dying vegetation on your property. This is especially important in the spring and summer when other lots may be lush and full of healthy bushes, flowers, and plants.

Mow Down Brush And Weeds

If you're selling property in a residential neighborhood, you want the land to be attractive to home buyers rather than investors or developers. Individuals may not want to buy property that has to be cleared, which could involve cutting down brush and small trees. You can hire a land clearing service to get rid of bushes and small trees with thick trunks and limbs so the process goes much quicker. Even if your property is free from overgrowth, you'll want to keep the weeds mowed so the land is more appealing.

Plant Grass And Flowers

You may want to put sod in your front yard so your home has excellent curb appeal. However, you probably don't want to do that for your entire property if you live on a double or triple lot. Instead, you may want to consider spreading grass seed so the land around your home looks lush and healthy. You could also grow wildflowers on the lot or put in plants and flowers that make the land appear homey.

Keep Your Front Lawn Manicured

While it's important to make all of your land look attractive and free from clutter, the area around your home is the most important. The lawn should be kept neatly trimmed and edged. A well-manicured lawn is attractive and draws buyers to your house. They may think if you take good care of your yard that you take good care of your home too. With a tidy yard, your home looks more attractive in promotional photos and videos, and it is more appealing when shoppers drive by.

Getting a large overgrown lot ready for sale can be hard work if you intend to do it yourself. Start early so you can do it bit by bit, and once your home is on the market keep up with mowing and trimming even if you have to hire a lawn care service. Be sure to talk to your real estate agent before you sink a lot of money into clearing your lot so you only invest in things that are worth it.