Communicating With Your Real Estate Agent

Want To List Your Property For Sale? You Need To Interview Multiple Real Estate Brokers!

When the time arrives to list your home for sale, the real estate broker you choose will greatly affect the process and potential outcome. For example, a skilled broker will ensure your home is listed for the right price and negotiate the best price from buyers, while a less-experienced broker may list your property for the wrong price or won't be able to successfully negotiate the highest sales price when purchase offers are received.

While you may want to give a new real estate agent a chance or may be tempted to work with someone a friend or relative recommends, it's vital you interview multiple brokers who are more experienced and then select the best professional to sell your unique property.

When it's time to conduct your real estate broker interviews, make sure you ask each of these important questions.

Do They Work Full-Time or Part-Time?

The answer to this question is vital. Many real estate agents and brokers only work part-time and supplement other professional income by occasionally selling property. This can be a problem because all of the hours they are working elsewhere are hours they aren't available to show or sell your home. 

You also need to be able to communicate with your broker during regular business hours and other realtors need to be able to easily reach them to set up showings and discuss purchase offers. This can be a huge problem if your broker works elsewhere and isn't available.

Do They Show Their Own Listings and Do Their Own Open Houses?

Sometimes busy brokers will have newer real estate agents help them out by hosting open houses or taking care of showings. While this gives inexperienced agents a chance to gain experience and is great for them, it isn't ideal for you as a seller. When a potential buyer tours your home, you want the tour guide to be a skilled sales professional and the broker you have entrusted with the successful sale of your home, not someone who's inexperienced.

What's the Most Likely Challenge You Will Face Getting Your Property Sold?

Finally, it's important the real estate broker selling your property feels comfortable being open and honest with you about both its positive and negative aspects. Nearly all homes have one challenge or another to overcome and if you ask this question and the realtor doesn't have anything negative to say or suggestions for improvement, then this can be a red flag.