Getting A Game Plan In Place For Viewing Open Houses

If you are on the market for a new home, it can seem overwhelming to view so many properties before you find your dream home. The thing is, by viewing a variety of open houses, you will narrow down your wish list and begin to know what you are really looking for in a property. Here are four ways to make sure you use your time wisely when visiting multiple open houses over the the weekend. [Read More]

Make A Good Real Estate Site

If you are a real estate agent who feels your website can use a redesign, there are a few things you may want to include on the revamped one that will help you to see the best results possible. By learning a bit about webpage navigation and user behavior, you can put together a site that gives home buyers the information they need in a format they find user friendly. Read the information below so you can present potential clients with a place they can go to online to look for the right home for their family. [Read More]

Three Things To Avoid When Picking A Real Estate Agent

Many homeowners look for a real estate agent to efficiently sell their home. While there are many ways to judge a potential real estate agent, the following trains of thought could actually be mistakes. Here are some things to avoid when choosing a real estate agent.   Choosing an Agent Based on Commission  One mistake that sellers make is to choose their agent simply based on the amount of commission that the agent wants. [Read More]

Avoid These Common Mineral Owner Selling Mistakes

If you own the rights to a source of minerals, you need to make sure that you avoid the three common mineral selling mistakes discussed below when you decided to sell your minerals. #1 Don't Accept Unsolicited Offers You should not accept an unsolicited offer to purchase your mineral rights. Companies and organizations may mail you offers to purchase your mineral rights. Oftentimes, these types of offers greatly undervalue your mineral rights and deny you fair market value for your mineral rights. [Read More]